Aside 3 Jan



Child of the war

Why do you shout so loud?!

For what that much anger?!

Where did you leave your heart?!

Why do you feed your anger?!


Child of the war

Where did you leave the love?!

Is the killing your only law?

Why do you close your eyes?!


Open up your eyes

See, what you’ve done

Look, what you’ve become

Save your soul


Child of the war


Fuck the politic

Forget the wining

You lost your mind

You became blind

Open up your eyes

See, what you’ve done


See it with your eyes

Look at the crowd

Of hungry children

And raped mothers

Wash the blood

Don’t be blind


Oh! Child of the war!!




3 Jan



I want to cry

Rewrite my life

Alone in the night

A stone on my soul

But I can’t let it go


I need tears to sleep in peace


My heavy soul in


What cry could to


I need to cry to fix

My crime

That I never loved


I need tears

Because my future

Is not clear


My soul what I carry

Like a tree

My tears are that heavy


Tonight I want to cry

To release the tension

In me


Tonight I will cry

So tomorrow I

Can again smile


By Thomas Tobias     




Don’t leave the soul in body which hurts

Don’t leave the soul in the dirt

Don’t let ruin my world

So pull the trigger


End it until it’s not too late

Don’t give me fake faith

Don’t wait until I fail


You have the gun

So please, finish what you begun

End my life before I fall

Don’t keep me waiting for my fall


Don’t leave the soul in the body which hurts

Don’t leave my face lying in the dirt

Fuck me, kill me

Use me, throw away me


I don’t want to wait for the misery

So why don’t you save me?

Why don’t you help me?

I’m not so bold

The gun you hold

Just need to pull the trigger


By Thomas Tobias


3 Jan




Come like a ghost

With the wind

Come and take me

Until I sleep

Take me, while my

Sweet dream ends



Kill me in my dreams

My future is a misery

Don’t let me wake up

I don’t deserve see the sun


Call the vultures for

My body

Let the ghosts to see

My tragedy

Cold barrel of a gun

Is for me a huge appeal

So let me die

Until I dream


By Thomas Tobias